There’s no place like home. And there’s no place like your home, right?

Hi there 👋 I’m Gareth, welcome to Home Inspiration Hub!

I started Home Inspiration Hub as a writer and someone who loves renovations and DIY.

I’m also a dad, and with a full-time job as a marketer, plenty of responsibilities and a home of my own I love to update and renovate, I’ve found finding the time and inspiration for DIY to be really tricky.

So, why’ve I decided to dedicate even more time to writing about DIY?

I want to help others find inspiration and help people create a home that’s totally unique to them.

Whether it’s busy parents, first-time buyers or just anyone passionate about DIY or keen to save a few quid, Home Inspiration Hub is designed to help you.

There’s still room for a quick flick through insta or a browse through Pinterest with a cuppa, but Home Inspiration Hub is designed to give a bit more context and detail to supplement your creative spark.

So, take a look for yourself and be sure to check back whenever you feel the need to freshen up your home with something new!

And if you want to reach out to me, feel free to drop me a line!