10 botanical bedroom ideas you’ll love

Struggling for botanical bedroom ideas?

With a botanical bedroom it can be difficult to know where to start.

Choose the wrong plants, materials and accessories and your beautiful botanical retreat could start to look cluttered and chaotic.

Here, we’ve got 10 amazing botanical bedroom ideas that have been chosen specifically to help you create the most calming, serene atmosphere possible in your bedroom.

We’ve also picked out a few things to look out for and a few extra pointers as a helpful bonus.

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What makes a botanical bedroom?

Ultimately, the best botanical bedrooms create a calming, soothing and refreshing atmosphere.

The best botanical bedroom ideas achieve this with colours, scents and natural fabrics, textures and greenery.

They’re also versatile and a great choice in period properties making the most of rustic features.

A botanical bedroom promotes relaxation, creates a peaceful, serene atmosphere and ultimately helps you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease.

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What should you avoid in a botanical bedroom?

A key staple feature in your botanical bedroom will be your indoor plants.

While you can opt for artificial plants, real plants will give you all the scientifically proven mood-boosting effects you’ll want in your botanical bedroom.

However, it’s important to choose the right plants, as some can be toxic or difficult to maintain.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Toxic plants: Philodendrons, dieffenbachia, pothos, and peace lilies are all examples of plants that could be toxic to humans and pets
  • High maintenance plants: Certain plants have specific light and humidity requirements and need regular care, so be sure you know what plants you’re prepared to look after
  • Strong-scented plants: The scents in your botanical bedroom should create a calming atmosphere. Some plants such as jasmine and scented geraniums could be too strong.
  • Invasive plants: Avoid any plants that require a lot of room or grow quickly as these could become difficult to manage
  • Plants with thorns: For obvious reasons, be wary of thorny and prickly plants
  • Plants with allergenic pollen: Some plants produce pollen, so be wary if you or anyone in your household are prone to allergies
  • Plants with messy leaves: Some plants have large, messy or constantly shedding leaves which could be difficult to manage.

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10 botanical bedroom ideas you’ll love

So, let’s get into it! Here are 10 unique botanical bedroom ideas for a serene and calming atmosphere.

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Botanical prints

Framed botanical prints are a quick, cheap and easy way to add botanical features to your bedroom.

Prints with pressed flowers work great too for a more natural look.

Adding prints allows you to cover a wall space however you like, whatever size the space is with prints in varying sizes.

Botanical textiles

Think about your bedding and things like cushions, throws and pillows.

Go for textiles with botanical, floral patterns with plenty of greens and natural, earthy colours.

Botanical wallpaper

For a great foundation for your botanical bedroom, try wallpaper around the room with plenty of greenery.

There are loads of wallpaper options to choose from and starting with a wallpaper like this can help give you a starting point before you begin to accessorise

Credit: Dreams

Furniture with natural materials

The look and feel of your furniture can make a real difference in creating the botanical theme you’re looking for.

Go for furniture and decor made from materials like wood and rattan or even bamboo to enhance the organic feel of your bedroom.

Indoor plants

We’ve all heard about how indoor plants can help improve our mood (yes, there have been studies!).

Incorporate a variety of plants including hanging plants, potted plants on shelving or even large potted plants in your corners.

For a fuss-free option, go for artificial. If you really want the feel-good mood effects, opt for as natural as possible!

Nature-inspired accessories

Once you’ve got your key materials and furniture down, it’s time to accessorise!

Think candles, trays, vases, and anything else you can find botanical-themed to top off your botanical themed bedroom.

It’s the little things that make a difference!

Add some greenery

With a botanical bedroom, eucalyptus is your friend!

Try adding some real or faux eucalyptus high up or along the top of furniture for a natural look.

In other areas, green throws and cushions can also help create the perfect botanical theme.

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Add an accent wall

Go big and bold with a botanical-themed accent wall in your bedroom!

Either try a nice dark green, some green panelling or some botanical wallpaper with green foliage patterns.

A botanical feature wall like this can help bring your botanical bedroom to life.

Try some hanging gardens

Add some floating shelves to create a ‘hanging garden’ effect and place smaller potted plants at different heights.

This could be perfect for some eucalyptus or other types of green plant, whether real or artificial.

Shelves like these can add a beautiful feature to an otherwise bare wall.

They can also be a great space-saving bedroom idea!

Add some botanical scents

Try some essential oils, room sprays or scented candles with botanical scents for the complete botanical experience.

Some well-known brands are available but try a local supplier or a farm shop, you’ll often find some hidden gems!


So, there you have it! Try these ideas today and get started on your beautiful botanical retreat.

  • Remember to choose the right plants and materials to avoid allergic reactions or chaotic and unmanageable decor
  • Touch all the senses with the right colours, textures and scents
  • Remember, plenty of nice greens and natural textures!