5 bedroom alcove wardrobe ideas whatever your budget

Stuck for ideas on turning your bedroom alcove into a great wardrobe?

You know exactly what to use your handy alcove space for, but you’re unsure what the best bedroom alcove wardrobe idea is for you.

Here, we’ve not only got 5 perfect ideas whatever your budget or space, there’s also a few things to keep an eye out for before you get started!

And if you’re really looking to maximise your bedroom space, check out our space-saving bedroom ideas for even more inspo!

Credit: Fitted Furniture

5 things to consider before creating your bedroom alcove wardrobe

What are you storage needs? Consider things like:

  • How many drawers will I need?
  • How many rails will I need? And how many clothes will I need to hang up?
  • Can I store some clothes elsewhere during the winter or summer months?
  • What can I stored higher up that I don’t use as often?

Envisage first how you’d like to store things in your wardrobe and maybe even sketch it out.

This way, you’ll make the most of every inch of your bedroom alcove wardrobe which could help declutter and organise the rest of your home!

What do you need to access often and not so often? Think about things you’ll use every day. For this, create more storage lower down. For anything you don’t use as often, utilise the height!

Do you need lighting in your bedroom alcove wardrobe? Is it dark by your alcove? Motion sensor battery lighting can be good idea, and you can even utilise any plug sockets nearby if possible.

Will you have suitable ventilation? Make sure there’s some ventilation at least to prevent mould and condensation forming and to allow clothes to air.

What budget and time to you have? What do you have the budget for? We’ve found that, as a family with a young baby, some jobs just need to be done by a professional. However, if you can spare the time and effort you can save self a few quid and learn in the process! Right in in the middle we find is flat pack, which is cheaper than hiring a tradesperson but usually a little more expensive than starting completely from scratch.

5 bedroom alcove wardrobe ideas for the perfect wardrobe space

So, here are 5 of my favourite bedroom alcove wardrobe ideas, with something for everyone regardless of time, budget and DIY ability!

For a built-in look

Credit: Us! (Ignore the wonky handles!)


IKEA PAX wardrobes are truly brilliant and you’d be surprised just how much you can fit in them.

For the alcove in our bedroom we needed something that really maximised the space as we struggled for space elsewhere to fit another wardrobe.

Their online builder allows you to customise your own PAX wardrobe to suit your storage needs and the size of your space.

If your alcove space is about 55cm or wider you’ll find a PAX wardrobe fits perfectly, allowing for a little space either side.

You can also customise the height to maximise the height of your room too.

As bedroom alcove wardrobe ideas go, this is perfect if your tight on time and is much less expensive than hiring a tradesperson or similar.

Try the IKEA PAX builder and see if you can the right wardrobe for your alcove!

Credit: JV Carpentry

Find a carpenter

Another option is to find a carpenter and get a quote for a built-in wardrobe for your alcove space.

Here are some tips for finding the right tradesperson:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends, family, coworkers, neighbours, friends of friends for a first-hand account
  • Check online reviews and comparison sites like checkatrade.com
  • Get multiple quotes, try and aim for at least 3-5 quotes to give you a good range
  • Ask for examples of previous work especially if they’ve done similar work in the past
  • Verify credentials and check for any industry accreditations

Using a tradesperson like this for the job gives you a much more personalised service and there may be more flexibility in terms of the design and requirements you have.

Credit: Sharps

Find the right store

Some companies like Sharps of Hammonds in the UK offer fitted wardrobe services that could be perfect for your bedroom alcove.

Often, companies like these will provide a free design service to help you find the right look for your bedroom.

You’ll also find a range of design options available so be sure to browse the brochures and websites available.

You may even find local businesses who offer fitted bedroom services that may be able to offer a similar level of service with less of a premium.

Whichever store you choose, this is likely your most premium option in terms of price.

But, you’ll have peace of mind with a professional finish and the job all taken care of.

Credit: Online Bedrooms

Do it yourself!

Fancy a crack at it yourself? Go for it!

This could save you a ton and you’ll be left with a beautiful bedroom alcove wardrobe you’ve created yourself.

There are tons of guides out there, but here’s an outline of the steps you’ll likely take:

  1. Take measurements: Understand exactly the space you’re working with, measuring width, height and depth throughout the space.
  2. Design and plan: Draw out your desired bedroom alcove wardrobe, outlining the positioning of rails, drawers and shelves.
  3. Materials and tools: Make a list of materials and tools you’ll likely need for the job
  4. Build the frame: Construct the frame for your wardrobe ready for your wardrobe features to be added
  5. Internal layout: Install your shelves, rails, drawers and any other internal features
  6. Choose and fit your doors: Sliding doors are a popular space-saving option
  7. Finishing and painting: Sand down and get priming and painting!
  8. Fit handles and hardware: Add your finishing touches with handles and any last-minute accessories!

For a more open look

Credit: Etsy

Add adjustable rails to your alcove

For a cheap, quick and easy way to add clothing storage to your alcove, simply add wardrobe hanging rails into your alcove space.

These can be picked up from Amazon or eBay for just a few quid and can be installed in no time, even by a beginner.

For the rest of your space in your alcove, some simple storage boxes or furniture could help make the most of any remaining storage space.

As bedroom alcove wardrobe ideas go, this is one of the simplest, quickest and easiest!

Credit: Amazon

Fabric wardrobes

For yet another quick and easy way to use your alcove as wardrobe space, try a fabric wardrobe that’s inexpensive and quick and easy to put up.

No planning or complicated DIY is needed here, and fabric wardrobes can be picked up in all shapes and sizes.


So, there you have it! 5 bedroom alcove wardrobe ideas whatever your style or budget.

Be sure to measure your space, consider how much time and budget you have and consider these options before deciding the perfect idea for you!