Bedroom Radiator Ideas: The best radiator designs to suit your style

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping.

It’s only right then we ensure our bedroom is the right temperature to ensure we sleep well and wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.

Choosing the right bedroom radiator ideas that not only heat your bedroom adequately but do it stylishly too is key.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to bedroom radiators!

But before we dive in, there’s a few important questions to answer.

Where is the best place to put a radiator in a bedroom?

Typically, the best place to put a radiator in a bedroom has always been in the coldest part of the room.

You’ll usually see this in bedrooms under the window.

Why? Because when warm air rises from the radiator and combines with cold air, the cold air helps circulate the warmer air around the room.

However, where newer homes have double glazing and better insulation, you may have more wriggle room here.

In this case, you could opt for a different type of radiator in a location which allows you to adjust the layout of your bedroom.

A taller radiator for example in a separate area of the room might allow you to place a dresser or some other furniture under the window instead without blocking any heat.

This can be especially helpful in smaller bedrooms if you’re looking for space-saving bedroom ideas!

You’ll also need to consider the logistics. Where does your existing plumbing sit and can it be adjusted?

Be sure to get the opinion of a trusted professional here.

Do you need double radiators for bedrooms?

This all depends on the size of your bedroom. A smaller bedroom will only require a single radiator, larger rooms will of course require a double radiator.

So, how big does a bedroom have to be to require a double radiator?

If you have a particularly tall bedroom that’s a good size, you’ll want a double radiator.

A bedroom with a lower ceiling and smaller size could be fine with a single radiator.

A good rule of thumb is to go off how other bedrooms in your home heat up with the radiators they currently have.

It’s important to compare rooms on the same level that are similar in size where possible.

Rooms in certain areas of the home may have better insulation or be less prone to heat leaking out.

5 bedroom radiator ideas to suit your style and space

Here are a whole bunch of bedroom radiator ideas for whatever your colour, style or space.

Credit: Plumbworld

Flat panel vertical/horizontal radiator

This style of designer radiator has become one of the most popular radiator styles today.

Google Trends data shows this type of radiator is searched for 4 times more than in 2011 and has become steadily more popular year on year.

This particular style is popular in anthracite grey, but also white, particularly with those looking to blend their radiator in seamlessly with a white or light neutral coloured wall.

In a bedroom, this can look great under a window or as a tall radiator elsewhere to allow for a little more room to manoeuvre when it comes to deciding your bedroom layout.

This style is popular in more modern and contemporary bedrooms but really is versatile to suit numerous styles.

Credit: Greenbank Interiors

Column radiators

Gone for a more classic and traditional feel in your bedroom?

Column radiators could be the perfect bedroom radiator idea for you.

You can get this style radiator in a range of colours to suit your bedroom style.

This type of radiator works best in a bedroom where you can afford the space to install a radiator with a little more depth.

The columns on these radiators can stick out quite a bit, so be sure to check they’re the correct depth before you buy and install.

Credit: DQ Heating

Mirrored radiators

Mirrored radiators are perfect if you’re looking to heat your bedroom stylishly while also making better use of your bedroom space.

An extra mirror could help your bedroom feel that little bit bigger, while it could also help you throw away any freestanding mirror you may have and make more space in your bedroom.

Mirrored radiators come in many shapes and sizes to help you find the perfect fit for your bedroom.

This style of radiator works best where you have a little more flexibility on where to position your bedroom radiator.

Under the window might not be the best position for a mirrored radiator, so a tall radiator works best for this.

Credit: Pinterest

Ultra-modern and contemporary radiators

If you think you’re a little restricted when it comes to bedroom radiator ideas, think again!

If you’ve gone for a clean, modern and contemporary look and feel for your bedroom, this could be the idea for you.

You may have to shop around for these more eccentric designs, or even have something imported.

However, if you’re looking to make a statement with your bedroom radiator it’s well worth it.

Credit: UK Radiators

Classic convector radiators

Often, classic convector radiators are the perfect go-to and do the job nicely.

They’re accessible and often one of the more inexpensive bedroom radiator ideas.

They’re the perfect, subtle option and can help just freshen up your bedroom space.

This style will also look perfect under your bedroom window and because of their conventional style can often just be a straight swap for your existing radiator.


So, there you have it! There are probably a few more bedroom radiator ideas than you think.

Before you rush out and buy the perfect radiator for your bedroom, be sure to remember the questions above to make sure your bedroom radiator doesn’t just look the part but does the job too.