Space-saving bedroom ideas to declutter your space

Space-saving bedroom ideas might be just what your bedroom needs to help you win back some freedom and declutter your life.

Ideally, you’ll want ideas that help you maximise your space without breaking the bank whilst maintaining the theme of your bedroom you’ve worked so hard to create.

Here, we’ve got a ton of space-saving bedroom ideas designed for every situation!

So, let’s take a look.

But first, 3 golden rules for saving space in your bedroom

Before we get started, let’s take a look at some key factors for saving the most space in any room.

Remembering these golden rules could help save you time and even money when rethinking your bedroom space.

They could also help you maximise your bedroom space even further.

1. Start with a sort-out

Before implementing any space-saving bedroom ideas, begin by having a good sort-out.

Be as ruthless as you need to be when getting rid of unwanted items, depending on how much space you think you’ll need to free up.

Move things to another room if you feel there’s better storage elsewhere in your home, especially if it’s something you don’t use often.

Doing this could help not only free up more space in your bedroom but could even save you money on storage and furniture further down the line.

2. Reorganise your wardrobe

You’ll be surprised how much space you can create by reorganising your wardrobe!

Try separating your summer and winter clothes and sorting clothes you won’t wear for a while elsewhere, maybe even in another room, and swap them around as the seasons change.

Are you utilising the vertical space in your wardrobe? Do you use storage on top of it?

You could try a few extra shelves in your wardrobe or maybe another rail if it’ll fit.

Try these before you get started with space saving bedroom ideas!

3. Keep pathways clear

When reorganising your bedroom be sure to keep clear pathways to allow suitable access to everything you need.

Mark out these pathways in your bedroom as areas where you’ll avoid placing furniture or anything that might get in the way.

It can be tempting to see a clear open space in your bedroom and see an opportunity to add more storage.

But only do this if it’s not going to obstruct you or restrict movement in your bedroom.

9 space-saving bedroom ideas to try today

Here are 9 of my favourite space-saving bedroom ideas!

Credit: IKEA

Built-in furniture

If you’ve not experienced the wonders of built-in wardrobes you’re missing out.

You’ll be surprised by just how much space bespoke wardrobes can free up, helping you utilise every inch of your bedroom.

A full bespoke solution can be designed and installed by a professional (this is the most expensive option) or give it a go yourself if you’re a keen DIYer or woodwork enthusiast!

Alternatively we’ve used IKEA Pax in the alcove in our bedroom which is fully customisable using their online Pax builder.

This helped us massively as we were able to fill our alcove space with only a few centimetres spare at the top and the sides of the wardrobe for a near perfect built in look!

We were able to fit in literally double the amount of clothes in this space compared to before thanks to this solution.

We could have gone the extra mile, filling in the gaps with ceiling coving and skirting boards for the full built-in look (maybe we’ll do this in future!)

Be sure to use built in wardrobes or something as close to it as possible to maximise the space on your bedroom from top to bottom.

Make use of not just the width but the height of the room too.

As space-saving bedroom ideas go, this should be a go-to providing you have a suitable space such as a useful alcove and of course the time and budget for it too.

Credit: IKEA

Under-bed storage

If you haven’t already, invest in a divan or a lift up bed frame to make the most of the space under your bed.

If you’re after a quick, inexpensive solution, under-bed storage can be a good little space saving bedroom idea too.

Grab some clear plastic boxes from your local DIY or department store and slide them under your bed out of sight.

The bed often takes up the most room in smaller bedrooms, particularly if it’s a king size or something similar.

So while it may take up most of your floor space, be sure to use that space for storage too.

If you want to go one step further, a raised bed works very well too to maximise the height of the room.

This works particularly well in a child’s bedroom or even a toddler’s nursery, where a desk, play area or even more storage can be stored underneath, utilising the height of the room perfectly!

Credit: Apartment Apothecary

High shelving

The secret to maximising space in any room is to make the most of the height as well as the floor space.

Make shelving high enough but deep and strong enough to hold boxes or even books, then use any extra space on them for ornaments and other accessories.

Shelves like these are a good place to store things you might not access frequently, so if you have to stand on the bed to reach them it’s not the end of the world!

They also work well in botanical bedrooms with eucalyptus and other kinds of plants!

Credit: Decoholic

Switch layout

A change in layout could be just what you need.

Putting all your bedroom furniture on one wall or removing essentially dead space can help.

It may only be half a square metre of dead space you’re freeing up, but that can make all the difference.

As already mentioned, using clever furniture can help you remove other furniture altogether helping free up even more space.

Your under-bed storage or shelving could help remove a set of drawers, for example.

Even moving your bedroom radiator could make a difference, allowing you to reposition your furniture and free up space!

Credit: Mirror Image

Mirrored and reflective surfaces

Okay, I admit, this might not actually free up space (this is a bit of a hack!), rather it helps create the illusion of a larger space.

That said, if it helps remove a freestanding mirror this can definitely help free up some space too!

Using mirrored wardrobes, for example, can allow you to remove a mirror from another wall, allowing you more freedom to reposition furniture as already mentioned, or add shelves.

Credit: Real Home

Headboard storage

Your headboard could be your secret weapon for adding storage and freeing up space in your bedroom.

Clever headboard storage can be a great space-saving bedroom idea and help de-clutter other parts of your room.

Headboard storage is really useful for things like phone chargers or night lights.

It could even replace your bedside drawers, which again could help you free up space for rearranging furniture.

Credit: Shelterness

Cabinets over the bed

Again, utilising the height of your room is key and storage cabinets over the bed or around the head of the bed can make a huge difference.

These can be customised depending on how much of your wall you want to utilise for storage.

Credit: House Beautiful

Try hanging racks

Hanging clothes on hanging racks like this helps create even more wardrobe space elsewhere and is a popular option for many with small bedrooms.

Combine this with a dresser underneath too for a brilliant space saving solution.

These are easy to install, look great and can be bought from just about anywhere including places like Amazon and eBay.

This might even make it easier to decide what to wear in the morning for an added bonus!

Credit: Extra Space Storage

Utilise the foot of your bed

This space at the end of your bed could be perfect for a dresser, bookshelf, shoe rack or laundry ottoman for a stylish yet practical solution.

A dresser or bookshelf can even double up with storage on top, while a storage bench could look great here too.


These are some of my favourite space-saving bedroom ideas that really do work!

I’ve tried to avoid including unrealistic or overly-expensive ideas here, so these are the best and most accessible for everyone in my view.

So, be sure to start with those 3 golden rules I mentioned at the beginning and try some of these ideas in your own home today!