Victorian bedroom fireplace ideas

So, you’ve got a beautiful Victorian home oozing with character and personality, and naturally you’re looking for suitably stunning Victorian bedroom fireplace ideas.

Lucky you! A beautiful old cast iron fireplace really is a thing of beauty and is, quite often, crying out for an update or a little extra decor.

Finding the right idea can be tricky, whether you want to be empathetic to the Victorian aesthetic or bring your fireplace more up to date.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here’s some of my favourite inspiration and ideas for your Victorian bedroom fireplace!

10 Victorian bedroom fireplace ideas

From tasteful and traditional to classy and contemporary, here are some of my favourite Victorian bedroom fireplace ideas!

Surround your cast iron fireplace

It can be a little daunting to tackle period features like a Victorian fireplace, but get it right and it can really set your bedroom off.

Adding a traditional style fire surround like this is empathetic to the classic style of a Victorian fireplace but brings the room suitably up to date.

Combined with an empathetic colour theme and you’re on to a winner.

Add some greenery

Try something a little different and add some greenery as a Victorian bedroom fireplace idea.

This works particularly well for botanical themed bedrooms, but it doesn’t always have to be green either.

Try a nice colourful bouquet or choose colours that match the colour theme of your bedroom for something a bit different!

Open up your fireplace

You don’t always have to add to your Victorian fireplace to make it the feature you want.

Simply opening up your fireplace and keeping it clean and minimalist could be just what it needs.

Remember, sometimes less is more!

Add floral features

A classic and popular way to add to any fireplace is to go for a floral aesthetic.

Here, this homeowner has use pink beautifully across the walls, bedding and now the fireplace.

This has helped make what can be quite a dark and moody-looking feature look at home in a bright and playful bedroom.

Get creative with traditional tiling

The beauty of tiles is you can find any style and any colour to match just what you’re looking for.

The versatility of the Victorian fireplace really shows here, working well with lighter colours

Add some candles

Add a warm romantic glow by adding candles as a victorian bedroom fireplace idea.

Equally, candles can be purely decorative and picked up cheap too to add an easy and inexpensive feature to your Victorian fireplace.

Keep it simple

Less is quite often more, and this example demonstrates this beautifully.

Simply fill or cover your fireplace and keep it relatively minimalist if you’re after an easy, fuss free Victorian bedroom fireplace idea.

Go maximalist

Get it right, and a maximalist look like this can really set your Victorian bedroom fireplace off.

Here are some tips for achieving the perfect maximalist decor:

  • Consider layering rich textures and vibrant colours
  • Try decorative objects like candlesticks, vintage vases and elaborate sculptures
  • Experiment by mixing different design elements and eras

Match with a modern surround

Your Victorian bedroom fireplace can be whatever you want it to be, even more contemporary like this example.

Here, you’ll notice the homeowner has been very selective in their decorative features, but the surround itself lets the dark fireplace do the talking.

Compliment with panelling

Surround your Victorian bedroom fireplace with timeless panelling that compliments this beautiful traditional feature perfectly.

Many styles of panelling can work here, but particularly in the above example which is versatile and works well with many different styles and themes.


So there you have it, 10 Victorian bedroom fireplace ideas that span many different styles from traditional to contemporary.

These ideas are inexpensive to try out and easy to do, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find your perfect idea!