Hallway radiator ideas from traditional to contemporary

Looking for the right hallway radiator ideas for your home?

It may not seem obvious at first, but the right radiator for your style of hallway can be just what you need to set the space off right.

The wrong style, shape, size or colour radiator can look out of place and generally ruin the look you’re going for.

So, here are 12 of our favourite hallway radiator ideas to give you some much needed inspo! (Plus a few tips at the end on what to look out for when buying the right hallway radiator)

12 hallway radiator ideas you’ll love (including radiator types, covers, tables and shelving)

Big and bold, clean and minimalist, traditional or contemporary, here are our favourite hallway radiator ideas!

hallway radiator ideas

Blend your radiator in

Sometimes you just need your hallway radiator blend seamlessly into the backdrop of your hallway wall, which is exactly what the above example does perfectly.

Here, the homeowner has gone one step further and incorporated a console table in the same colour for the full effect.

Add some accent colours to your console table and you’re good to go!

radiator ideas

Classic convector radiator

Sometimes just a classic convector radiator does the trick.

If you’re already working with a classic convector radiator like this and it suits the style of your hallway well, don’t feel tempted to change it for the sake of it.

This example demonstrates why it’s important to get your hallway style and décor finished before delving into new hallway radiator ideas.

This could help save you time and money, which is always welcome with any renovation!

radiators for hallway

Column radiator with period shelf

A traditional style column radiator can make a real statement in your hallway.

Paired with a period radiator shelf like the example above and all of a sudden your radiator becomes a key feature of your hallway.

The above example doesn’t protrude too much either, helping keep the heating efficiency of the radiator high and helping avoid taking further space out of the hallway.

hallway radiators

DIY radiator cover

When it comes to radiator covers, sometimes the options available can feel a little limited.

Particularly if you’re working with unique hallway décor or a hallway radiator of a unique shape and size.

In this example, the homeowners have created their own simple yet stylish radiator cover that is unique to their hallway and still allows for plenty of heat from the radiator itself.

hallway radiator

Modern console table

Another increasingly popular hallway radiator idea is to add a modern console table, sometimes referred to as a hallway sideboard.

A console table like this not only transforms the space around your hallway radiator but can work as useful storage or even accentuate extra features and accessories.

hallway radiator ideas

Modern designer radiator

Modern designer radiators like this are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the colour in the above example.

They’re versatile and look great in many different styles of hallway and due to their popularity are easily found online or in various DIY and home stores.

radiator ideas

Accent coloured radiator

Incorporate your radiator into the colour theme of your hallway by choosing a radiator colour that matches the accents in your hallway.

In this example, the radiator picks out the darker accent colour used in this hallway, but you could equally match the colour of your radiator with skirting and woodwork to help prevent it sticking out like a sore thumb.

hallway ideas

Period column radiator

Period column radiators like this are becoming an increasingly popular hallway radiator idea and in fact are becoming more common even in more contemporary homes.

This beautiful example works incredibly well in this traditional space with the darker colours in the tiled flooring and sits perfectly in front of some hallway panelling.

radiator ideas for hallway

Radiator cover

A classic radiator cover like this is a go-to for many.

Radiator covers are pretty accessible these days and come in a range of sizes, styles and colours.

Consider the size of your hallway when looking for a radiator cover and how much heat your radiator will likely emit.

If your hallway leads upstairs or has high ceilings, be mindful of how a radiator cover could make your space a little colder.

hallway radiators

Radiator cover for skinny hallways

For some, a radiator cover would be perfect but for a skinny, narrow hallway that doesn’t allow for much furniture.

The homeowners in the above example had this exact problem. Enter this amazing, creative solution!

So, if you’re stuck with a narrow hallway, why not get creative and make your own purpose built radiator cover?

hallway radiator ideas

Tall designer radiator

For hallways with high ceilings or if you just want to free up some more horizontal wall space, a tall designer radiator like this could be just for you.

Not all hallways allow for chunky column radiators or bulky radiator covers, which is where tall radiators like this really come in handy.

hallway radiator

Versatile column radiator

As mentioned, column radiators don’t have to just be for period homes.

They can also be bought in smaller sizes like the above example to suit any shape or size of hallway, and can also work well with console tables.


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As promised, here are some key considerations for anyone looking to find the right hallway radiator idea for their home.

  • Space: Hallways are notoriously narrow and busy, so a hallway radiator needs to be slim and not protrude too much.
  • Style: As mentioned, your hallway shouldn’t clash with the décor in your hallway.
  • Efficiency: Your hallway radiator should adequately heat your space. A narrow hallway with a low ceiling won’t require as much output as a wide hallway with high ceilings.
  • Maintenance: Consider how different radiator designs can be easier or more difficult to clean and maintain.
  • Safety: Particularly in family homes, consider if your hallway radiator could be too hot to touch and if the space allows for a protective radiator cover.
  • Budget: Some designs are of course costlier than others, so hopefully you’ll have some budget left if you’ve recently finished renovating!
  • Installation: And finally, consider the location of your radiator and where your pipes and plumbing currently sit, along with finding a qualified professional to complete the installation.