10 hallway sideboard ideas that are practical and stylish

Is your hallway just lacking that perfect hallway sideboard idea to set it off perfectly?

Hallway sideboards come in all shapes, sizes in styles, so with a little help you’re sure to find the right sideboard for your hallway.

Well, look no further! We’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favourite hallway sideboard ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

10 hallway sideboard ideas fit for any home

hallway sideboard ideas

Clean and minimalist

Sometimes all your hallway needs is a simple, clean and modern sideboard with minimal detail and few accessories.

Sometimes less is more and contemporary sideboards like this with less detail work wonders in modern, minimalist hallways.

Be selective with your accessories and sideboard decor and you’re on to a winner!

best hallway sideboard ideas

Rustic contemporary

Contemporary doesn’t always have to mean minimalist.

A great hallway sideboard idea to maintain the theme of your hallway while adding tons of character is to add a rustic contemporary style sideboard like this.

This sideboard beautifully matched the colour theme of the hallway while adding whole heaps of personality.

narrow hallway sideboard ideas

Fluted walnut

Got room for a real centrepiece of a hallway sideboard?

This striking walnut sideboard is the perfect foundation for characterful decor and accessories, working well with a variety of themes and designs of accessories.

A good solid hallway sideboard can come at a premium price but this timeless design is sure to last a lifetime in your hallway.

hallway sideboard

Make a statement

Why not go bold and brave with your hallway sideboard ideas and make a statement with a real centrepiece sideboard like this?

The mirrored face of this hallway sideboard reflects light back into the hallway while the size and shape allows for plenty of space for decor and accessories.

sideboards for hallway

Mid-century vintage

This stunning design happens to sit perfectly in this homeowners hallway and adds tons of personality and visual interest.

A sideboard like this almost works best with little to no accessories as the design does all the talking.

Designs like this may be rare or expensive but it’s well worth it for a great centrepiece like this.

hallway decor

Radiator cover sideboard

A simple radiator cover often does the trick as a hallway sideboard idea.

If you’re looking for an idea that’s inexpensive and accessible, a radiator cover could be a great option.

With a radiator cover, there’s more flexibility with how much space in your hallway you want to take up with your furniture.

sideboard in hallway

Sideboard with open storage

Many hallway sideboards are utilised for their amazing storage space and for storing away all the bits and bobs you wouldn’t normally want on show.

However, you can also find hallway sideboards like this with a little open storage space for more decorative storage items such as wicker baskets.

Sometimes a decorative throw looks great on show even when stored away!

sideboards for hallway

Team your hallway sideboard with a mirror

The right mirror can really set your hallway sideboard off in just the right way.

This hexagonal mirror works wonders with this beautiful sideboard and the wall light sitting just above it really finishes off the look.

A mirror can also help make your hallway feel a little more spacious, especially if it’s already a little narrow.

best sideboards for hallway

Go vintage

The possibilities are endless with vintage furniture and you’ll find tons of vintage pieces like this work beautifully against all kinds of backdrops, be it modern or traditional such as in a Victorian hallway.

Often true vintage pieces are picked up through marketplaces and often the older wood furniture is made from high quality woods such as oak which are a lot rarer and much expensive these days.

However, whether you want a personal project to restore a beautiful old sideboard to its former glory, or you’d prefer to pick up something ready to slot straight into your hallway, there are plenty of options available either through marketplaces or bought new in stores or online.


Walnut Moroccan style

Have we saved the best till last? Quite possibly. This striking design is a real conversation starter and looks amazing in this hallway.

Unique designs like this can be hard to come by, but look hard enough and you’ll find hidden gems like this that no other home is likely to have.

So, as a great hallway sideboard idea, why not try something bold, very different and grab yourself something truly unique to your home?


Just as with the right hallway radiator ideas, your hallway sideboard is an opportunity to make a real statement at the entrance of your home.

Consider whether you want something practical with plenty of storage or something more “out there” with plenty of personality. Or maybe a bit of both!

Try these hallway sideboard ideas in your home and you’re guaranteed to set your hallway off just right!