Living room chimney breast wallpaper ideas

Wallpapering the living room chimney breast is a popular way to add character and personality to any living room.

And for many good reasons. It’s inexpensive, quick and relatively easy to do. Not to mention the vast array of wallpaper styles out there to choose from!

So, here are some of our favourite living room chimney breast wallpaper ideas, and as ever, there’s something for everyone.

12 living room chimney breast ideas you’ll love

Dark floral

Check out this striking dark floral print as a living room chimney breast wallpaper idea!

If you’re looking for a dark, cosy or even moody feel to your living room, this style of living room wallpaper is a great way to go.

This style works brilliantly in classic and traditional style living rooms, but in reality can be placed wherever you feel brave enough to do so!

Modern and minimalist

A simple, sleek style of living room wallpaper is often enough to do the trick, especially in more contemporary homes.

This style of chimney breast wallpaper might be just what you need if you’ve already got a more modern fireplace at the focal point of your living room.

Beautiful watercolour

Who knew watercolour could suit a living room chimney breast so well?

This striking example shows just how well it can work, especially in a more quirky, colourful living room setting filled with personality.

Grey stone effect

Wallpaper in your living room can mimic all kinds of textures and materials, in this case a clean, modern style stone.

This simple style of chimney breast wallpaper lets the rest of the room do the talking, whilst helping make this chimney breast a grand focal point for the room.

Fun print

The beauty of wallpaper is it comes with all kinds of creativity.

Wallpaper can be virtually whatever you want it to be, which is perfectly embodied by this example.

As with this example, try to play around with printed wallpaper, teaming it with beautiful panelling and complimentary bold colours.

Lemons galore

An absolute classic, lemons are officially back!

This is yet another quirky example of the style of wallpaper you could use on your living room chimney breast that brings with it a ton of personality.

And the good news is, you’ll find lemon print everywhere, so you’ll not be short of complimentary cushions or other similar decorative features.

In this example, it works brilliantly with a stunning wooden fireplace feature.

Curved dark stone effect

Is your chimney breast curved and a little unconventional?

Try a darker stone effect like in this example for a more rugged and rustic feel.

“Crocodillo” print

Yet another amazing example of just what you can do with wallpaper.

This unique style brings with it a dark and moody colour, complimenting the dark fireplace well.

However, it’s the texture that really does the talking here.

This could be the living room chimney breast wallpaper you’re looking for if you’re after a real conversation starter.

Brick-style pattern

Another wallpaper example on the theme of a stone material effect, this wallpaper choice is a popular one for chimney breasts.

And for good reason! It works well in any style of home modern or contemporary

Create a bold scene

How about this for making a statement?

This style of wallpaper encapsulates all the personality and character you can add to your living room with the right style and colours.

Use the flexibility you have with your living room chimney breast wallpaper to create a real scene.

Bold and blue

This style of living room chimney breast wallpaper is teamed incredibly well with just the right tone of blue in the fireplace and skirting to create a bright and fun, bold and blue scene.

Mixing darker and lighter blues like this through your wallpaper could be just the right choice for you.

Art-deco inspired

This art-deco inspired design is subtle, classy and doesn’t shout too loud whilst covering this living room chimney breast beautifully.

This style of wallpaper could also work really well with panelling.


Feeling inspired? Give these living room chimney breast ideas a go, and don’t be afraid to go big and bold either!