20 living room sideboard decor ideas for every style

A living room sideboard is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you’ll find in your home.

Almost every member of my family has a sideboard in their living room. They’re perfect for storage and for creating a beautiful, decorative arrangement to add character and style to any home.

Here are 20 of my favourite and most popular living room sideboard decor ideas!

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1. Add some artwork and mirrors

When adding artwork to your home, there really are no limitations to what’s out there.

Find the right artwork that fits the style of your living room or art that stands out and makes a statement.

A living room sideboard is the perfect place to showcase your favourite artwork!

Try mirrors too with frames with different shapes, styles and even colours.

This idea works really well for new build living rooms too, helping add your own style and character to the place!

2. Table lamps

There’s no end to the shapes and styles of table lamps available today.

Nor is there an end to the retailers and homeware stores that stock them, which gives you a whole load of options to find the right table lamp for your living room style!

Not only can a table lamp add visual interest to your living room sideboard, it can also add some beautiful mid-level lighting for the perfect ambience.

3. Introduce some greenery

Feeling botanical? A touch of nature can really set your living room sideboard off and create a lovely, calming atmosphere.

Real or artificial, a touch of eucalyptus here and there, for example, is well worth adding if you want a splash of colour.

Carry this on through the house and you’ll have yourself a beautiful, serene and calming atmosphere to delight any guests.

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4. Decorative trays

Use decorative trays to organise and highlight smaller items like candles, reed diffusers and small sculptures.

Organising them like this helps prevent your living room sideboard from looking cluttered and untidy.

These are popular with hallway sideboards too, so consider how you can mix and match décor ideas across different rooms.

5. Add some books

Adding books to your sideboard can be both functional and aesthetic.

Great if you’re a bookworm, but also great as an extension of the theme of your living room.

Stack some books up for some added colour and visual interest.

6. Create an artful arrangement

Try a few decorative sculptures, vases or decorations and create your own unique artful arrangement.

Let your imagination run free and head down to your local home store and find something that would work well on your living room sideboard.

7. Add some personal items

A great way to add unique visual interest to your sideboard is adding items personalised to you.

It might be family photos or sentimental items, add something personal to you for something truly unique.

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8. Candles

Candles are a popular choice for any living room sideboard and for many good reasons.

Try candles at different heights on your sideboard and experiment with different candle styles and scents.

9. Add a timepiece

A decorative clock is yet another functional yet stylish addition to any living room sideboard.

Try a modern or traditional style clock, large or small to compliment your existing theme.

10. Seasonal decor

A great way to freshen things up in your living room, try switching up the decor on your sideboard for different seasons.

Add some beautiful warm autumnal colours or, in winter, some snowy and holiday-themed decor.

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11. Textiles

Add some different textiles to your living room sideboard such as a nice runner to add texture and colour.

You could even take this opportunity to match other textiles and colours you’ve got currently in your living room such as with cushions or rugs.

12. Geometric, modern shapes

Fancy something a bit more modern?

Geometric shapes can add a contemporary or even futuristic look to any room.

As a living room sideboard decor idea, try geometric vases or sculptures for a modern twist.

13. Vintage finds

For a more traditional feel, try vintage items such as old books or retro accessories with plenty of character.

This could work particularly well on old dark wood furniture with a classic and timeless feel.

14. Travel souvenirs

Picked up some interesting trinkets from your travels?

A great way to personalise your living room sideboard is to add a few pieces that say a bit about you.

Souvenirs like these are another great conversation starter too!

15. Geode or crystal display

For something you may not have thought of, try a few geodes, crystals or mineral specimens on your sideboard.

Adding items like these adds a touch of natural beauty with unique shapes and colours that reflect the light in your living room in interesting ways.

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16. Coastal vibes

Create a coastal theme with items like seashells, driftwood and beach-inspired decor for a calming and relaxing feel.

I’ve advocated this style for a coastal-themed cloakroom before, and I think it works beautifully in a home by the seaside or in a coastal town, for example!

17. Musical instruments

If you’re a bit more musically inclined, use your sideboard to display your interests and hobbies!

Try displaying small instruments like a violin or guitar, or even display items like wind chimes just above your sideboard.

18. Colour coordination

If you’re after a few final touches for your sideboard decor, start with your colour theme.

With the right colour coordination, just about any item would suit your living room sideboard!

19. Scandinavian minimalism

Embrace a minimalist style with a beautiful yet simple and easy to implement Scandinavian feel.

Try a few minimalist features for a clean and uncluttered feel.

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20. Ceramic collection

An absolute classic! Ceramic collections are a staple on many sideboards, especially in more traditional settings.

Whether it’s pottery, vases or decorative plates, try ceramics for some texture and artistic flair.


There’s loads you can do with your living room sideboard!

Whether it’s making the most of what you’ve got, or heading out to buy something to suit your living room style, your living room sideboard decor can be more versatile than you think.

You could also try these on a radiator cover as a living room radiator idea. And if you’re looking to add more wood-themed furniture to your home, check out our oak living room ideas!

So, give some of these ideas a try!