11 new build living room ideas to add style and character

Coming up with creative new build living room ideas can seem a little daunting at first.

A new build home can be a beautiful blank canvas just waiting for you to impose your style on the place.

A little inspiration goes a long way in these sorts of situations.

Get it right, and your new build living room could set the tone beautifully for the rest of your home.

These ideas are designed to appeal to just about anyone.

Whether you’re after bright and bold or simple and minimalistic, if you’re a beginner or experienced DIYer, there’s something here for you.

Here are 11 new build living room ideas that should hopefully give you the creative spark you need!

New build living room ideas for any style

Flick through these ideas and see which suit your style the best!

Try some acoustic panelling

A new build home is the perfect blank canvas to add some modern acoustic panelling like this to your fresh new walls.

This style of panelling is becoming more and more popular and is a great way to add something different to your new build living room decor.

It looks great either side of a media wall like this but it’s also incredibly versatile and can be added to cover part or all of a feature wall to create a stunning focal point.

This panelling style can be found in plenty of online stores so be sure to shop around to find the right one for your new build living room.

Try some wall decor

New, bare walls are often crying out for some wall decor such as eye-catching art and large, modern mirrors.

Your new build living room can still maintain a minimalist style with wall decor, if this is your thing.

There’s no end of wall decor you could try, so let your imagination run wild.

Large mirrors can help make your living room feel bigger, while the right wall art can be used to add a natural-feeling focal point that draws the eye as you enter.

Add a fireplace

If you’re looking for an even more natural-looking focal point for your new build living room, try adding a fireplace.

It could be a fire with a mantlepiece like the above example, or you could opt for a more contemporary inset fire that sits within the wall.

A fireplace or electric fire can add some cosiness to an otherwise cold living room lacking in character, making it a welcome addition in the winter months.

Add some detailing

The final touches to your living room decor are like the cherry on the icing of the cake and are a great way to express your style.

Use your detailing as an opportunity to play around with different accessories to find just the right style for you.

A neutral colour scheme works well here, allowing you to switch up colours and styles quickly and easily.

Introduce wall panelling

Traditional wall panelling like the above is a go-to for many who are newly decorating their living rooms and works well in traditional or contemporary styles.

If you’ve not moved in yet and plan on adding panelling when you do, consider how your lighting could work alongside it and speak to your developer to see if you can get the right light fixings installed ready for when you move.

There’s loads of panelling styles out there to suit whatever style you’re going for!

Go with warm neutrals

A new build living room is a great starting point for adding warm neutral colours.

It can be quite daunting to change a blank canvas like a new build living room too drastically, but soft neutrals like this are an easy way to add some warmth and homeliness without changing too much.

Warm neutrals can make it easier to find matching furniture too, while you’re also free to play around with different colours and textures for your accessories without worrying about colour clashes.

Add shelves with lighting

Try adding shelves with lighting like the above to continue the contemporary feel that typically comes with a new build living room.

If you’re a keen DIYer, have a go at designing and building this yourself! If not, there’ll be no shortage of tradespeople ready to tackle the task.

Shelves like these are a great way to add storage but also help show off your favourite accessories or even items that mean something to you.

Add nature and go botanical

A great way to quite literally change the feeling of your new build living room is to add some greenery, which has been shown to be a great mood-booster.

You can add this style naturally with indoor plants or even go for artificial decor options.

Get creative with a coffee table

Coffee tables come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours and are a great option when it comes to adding some personality to your new build living room.

They can be styled in any number of ways and the above is a beautiful example.

A coffee table can be used to show off your favourite accessories and add a personal touch to your living room.

If you’re looking to add oak to your living room, why not add an oak coffee table to add a more natural feel to your living room?

Create a media wall

When it comes to creating a media wall, let your creativity run wild.

From unique storage to beautiful lighting, there’s loads you can do with a media wall.

Media walls work really well with contemporary inset fires like the above to add some warmth too.

Add a large mirror

Large mirrors like this are often added to add space to a room. So if, now you’ve settled in your new build living room, the space feels a little tighter than it used to, a mirror could be just what you need.

Like the above example, a mirror does always need to be hung up either so feel free to experiment here.


Add some style and personality to your home with these new build living room ideas!

A new build living room is the perfect blank canvas to impose your style and personality on, so take the opportunity and get creative!

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