10 oak living room ideas to add charm and style

The best oak living room ideas introduce this popular material in a stylish and not too overbearing way to help create a classy yet cosy feel to your living room.

Getting the balance right, however, is easier said than done.

That said, it’s nothing a little inspo can’t solve.

Here are some of the best oak living room ideas out there to help give you the perfect starting point.

10 oak living room ideas (including 4 oak furniture ideas)

Here are 10 amazing oak living room ideas that’ll hopefully inspire you to create your perfect oak living space.

Oak coffee table

An oak coffee table is a great place to start adding some oak to your living room!

Oak pieces like this coffee table can be custom made or store bought from places like IKEA.

They don’t always have to be traditional in style either (although this is a great way to add charm to a more traditional style home!).

Oak TV stand

An oak TV stand is another great way to add class and style to your living room using oak.

The above example shows how oak can be teamed with contemporary and minimalist glossy finishes, making it more versatile in this form than you might think.

An oak TV stand adds a premium, quality feel to your living room and will likely last a lifetime too.

This oak living room idea also works well as extra storage to help declutter your living room.

Oak sideboard

Speaking of storage, try an oak sideboard to compliment the other oak features in your living room.

Oak sideboards are an incredibly popular way to add oak to your living room and come in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Sideboards like these provide excellent storage, but also a place to add accessories and features too.

And if you’re stuck for ideas on how to decorate your sideboard, check out our favourite living room sideboard decor ideas!

Oak dining table

Oak dining tables are one of the most readily available ways to add oak furniture to your home.

Try using an oak dining table to turn your living room into a beautiful living and dining space that’ll wow your guests.

Dining tables like these come in all shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find something to suit your living room.

Oak fireplace

A beautiful oak fireplace, like the above example, adds bucket loads of charm and personality to any living room.

This is just one style, and in fact an oak fireplace could be created to perfectly suit the style of your living room.

Teamed with a useful log burner, this oak living room idea is the perfect option to add some cosiness and personality to your living room.

This could work really well in a new build where a fireplace may not have been considered as part of the layout of the home.

Oak flooring

Classy and elegant oak flooring can really set off any living room.

Parquet oak flooring, such as in this example, is becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why.

Oak flooring provides the perfect base for your other oak living room ideas.

Oak mantle beam

An oak mantle beam like this is a simple yet classy and beautiful addition to any living room.

Here you can see it works well with a traditional style panelling in a chic and contemporary living room, showing how versatile this oak living room idea is.

It also provides the perfect place for decoration too.

Oak beams

Oak beams can be added to any home, traditional or modern, to add tons of character and personality.

Often beams like the above are used to transform a bland area of a living room into something that really stands out.

Custom oak storage

Got some dead space in your living room? Why not use oak and turn it into some neat storage?

If a sideboard isn’t your thing and you’d prefer built in storage, try using oak to transform an unusable area of your living room.

The beauty of custom storage is you can have it however you like. You could match its style to the style of your other living room furniture or come up with something totally different!

Charming oak features

For something a bit different, think outside the box and try adding oak to your living room in the form of some interesting and quirky features.

It could be a pillar, door frame, shelving or even oak ornaments and accessories.

Quirky features like this may just help to finish off the vision you have in your head for your perfect oak living room.


Hopefully these oak living room ideas give you the creative spark you need to get started adding oak to your living room.

Get it right and your oak-themed living room decor could last a long while!