Bedroom panelling ideas for the perfect feature wall

Your bedroom’s feature wall can make or break one of the most important rooms in your home.

Finding the right material, colour and shapes to match your style can, however, be tricky.

Here are a few bedroom panelling ideas you may not have thought of, offering something for everyone.

5 game-changing bedroom panelling ideas

From classic to contemporary, subtle to bright and bold, we’ve got bedroom panelling ideas for you.

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Wooden bedroom panelling

Wooden panelling offers a variety of choice and is a classic and versatile option for your bedroom panelling.

Choose from different types of wooden panelling such as Shiplap, Beadboard, tongue and groove and flat panel to name a few.

Its versatility doesn’t end there. Wooden panelling can be finished in many ways, including natural wood, stained or painted in a silk, eggshell or Matt finish for example depending on how you’d like the light to reflect off your panelling.

Cutting and shaping wood is often easier than with other materials too.

So get creative with your wooden panelling shapes! Try things like geometric panelling for a more modern look or more subtle panelling for a more classic feel.

Wood panelling is easily available too.

Your local DIY store may sell panels already cut to size and many will even cut down your panels for you based on the size and shapes you need.

This style of panelling is so versatile we’ve even recommended it for those who want to spruce up their child’s nursery.

  • A classic and versatile options giving a variety of choices
  • Can be coloured in multiple ways for a more natural look or painted look
  • Easy to cut and shape to get the look you want. Ask your local DIY store for help!
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Fabric panelling

Fabric panelling helps create a soft, luxurious feel to your bedroom while adding a classy, modern touch.

A variety of materials can be used including velvet, suede, linen or silk.

Typically, fabric panels are used on the wall on which the bed sits, doubling as a headboard covering a large section or even all your wall.

Panels can be used to cover the wall vertically, horizontally or across the entire wall for a luxurious hotel feel.

Fabric panels can be bought directly and attached to the wall, or your chosen fabric can be upholstered to wood panels then fitted to the wall.

This bedroom panelling idea is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason!

It’s even made it’s way into many people’s dining rooms as a great conversation starter for your guests.

It can help create a pop of colour, and can work really well with mid level lighting on your bedside tables.

  • Create a soft, luxurious feel with a hotel vibe.
  • Use a wide range of fabrics to suit your style.
  • Cover your whole wall, cover a horizontal section or vertical section.
  • Buy pre-made fabric panels or upholster your chosen fabric to wood panels for a unique and custom feel to you.
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Tile panelling

Who said tiles are just for your bathroom and kitchen?

Tile panelling can work really well in your bedroom, adding plenty of visual interest and texture to your feature wall.

Examples of the types of tiles you could use as a bedroom panelling idea include:

  • Porcelain
  • Cermaic
  • Natural stone
  • Glass

For a consistent, clean look you can use the same tiles across your tiled wall. Alternatively, for a brighter, bolder look, try different types of tiles for something truly unique.

There’s a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours you can utilise with tile bedroom panelling, so get creative!

Shop around for different types of tile panelling. There’s sure to be something to suit the style of your bedroom.

For a truly unique bedroom panelling idea, try tile panelling!

  • Add tile panelling across part of your wall or the whole wall
  • Can be bright and bold or clean and contemporary
  • Shop around for the right tile panelling for you

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Metal panelling

What about metal as the material for your bedroom panelling?

Different metals can be used such as brass, copper or stainless steel.

They can be installed in a wide variety of shapes and patterns for a sleek and modern feel.

Metal panelling offers something a bit different, even offering a futuristic feel.

This type of panelling could work well in a child’s bedroom or even as an office panelling idea.

With metal panelling, it’s worth considering how the light may hit it through your bedroom window and ultimately if it may heat the panelling too much.

If you’re confident about controlling the light entering your bedroom, then give metal bedroom panelling a go!

  • Different types of metal can be used to find the right style for your bedroom
  • Contemporary and even futuristic in style
  • Bold and unique look
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Upholstered leather panelling

For a touch of luxury and sophistication, try upholstered leather as a bedroom panelling idea!

Upholstered leather adds a clear defined texture to the wall behind your bed, doubling as the perfect headboard for a cosy, luxurious bedroom.

Leather panelling can be installed in various shapes and sizes.

Think about how you want the light in your bedroom to reflect when choosing the size and shape of your panels.

The rich texture and natural variations in leather make it a real eye-catcher and conversation starter, making it the perfect bedroom panelling idea for your bedroom feature wall.

Leather panelling works perfectly in a modern and contemporary bedroom, working well with Matt shades on the other walls in your bedroom.

  • Perfect for modern, contemporary bedrooms
  • Luxurious and premium
  • Can be installed in various shapes and sizes


The right bedroom panelling ideas can transform your bedroom into something truly unique, imposing your perfect style onto one of the most important rooms in your home.

There are plenty of options to choose from and something for every style and every design.

Whether it’s a child’s bedroom, a single or double, small or large, main or guest, there’s something in these bedroom panelling ideas for you.

  • Bring your bedroom to life with the right panelling
  • A range of options to choose from
  • Whatever the bedroom, these bedroom panelling ideas are sure to liven up your room