Cloakroom panelling ideas to transform a small space

Cloakroom panelling could be just what you need to revitalise what could be one of the smallest rooms in your house.

A simple paint job might look like it’s just missing something, while tiling can often be a painful, tricky and expensive task.

Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of panelling ideas to choose from to bring your cloakroom to life.

There’s something for everyone. Whether you want modern and chic, classy and elegant, bold and brave, we’ve got cloakroom panelling ideas for you.

6 cloakroom panelling ideas you’ll love

Here are some interesting ideas to get you started.

We’ve found these panelling ideas to be much easier to install than tiles and much more aesthetic than a simple paint job.

If you like these cloakroom panelling ideas, try them in your bathroom too for a clean and consistent look throughout your home.

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Beadboard panelling

A classic. Add bucketloads of charm and character to your cloakroom with beadboard panelling that gives your room a timeless, elegant look.

Beadboard panelling features vertical panels with grooves for a textured look.

Take the opportunity to paint your cloakroom panelling a soft neutral colour for a clean and classy look, or a bright and bold shade that brings your cloakroom to life.

Shiplap panelling

For a more rustic look, use shiplap panelling in your cloakroom.

This type of panelling features horizontal panels that overlap slightly for a really distinctive feel.

Shiplap panelling suits a small room perfectly and can be left unpainted for a more natural look or painted to compliment the tones of your handles and holders.

Shiplap panelling can be used over your entire wall from top to bottom, making it perfect for walls with defects.

It even works well in your dining room to help protect your walls from chair scuffs.

For cloakrooms in older houses, Shiplap panelling can be great for covering exposed, unplastered brick walls.

Carry this panelling style on into your hallway too for a beautifully consistent look.

Credit: homebylydia

Geometric panelling

After a more bold and modern look?

Geometric panelling involves creating unique patterns with various shapes for something a bit different.

Geometric cloakroom panelling works well on the first wall you see as you enter your cloakroom.

It’s real ‘statement’ panelling, so ideally you want it across the largest wall in your cloakroom.

Each of your panels can be painted different colours for an even bolder, brighter conversation starter of a cloakroom.

Alternatively, the whole panelled wall can be painted one colour of your choice, either standing out from the rest of the cloakroom or complimenting the whole room.

You could choose to colour your geometric panelling to match the colour of your fixtures and fittings.

A dark, matte colour to match black taps could be a good option here.

As cloakrooms can be quite a cosy space, they can become slightly cluttered. Bold cloakroom panelling like geometric panelling immediately draws your attention away from the cosiness of the room.

Geometric panelling in your cloakroom gives you the chance to be really creative too.

The possibilities with shapes and colours are endless, making this type of cloakroom panelling one of the most versatile.

Credit: Decor Pad

Mirrored panelling

For a classy, hotel-esque option, why not try mirrored panelling?

Mirrored panelling can make your cloakroom feel larger and brighter while adding an elegant, glamorous touch.

Feeling brave? Mirrored panelling doesn’t have to just be installed on your walls. For a real conversation starter, try mirrored panelling on your ceiling. No, really!

If you’re stuck for ideas on colour for your cloakroom, or you simply want to open up and brighten your space, mirrored cloakroom panelling is perfect.

But, be warned. Unlike other cloakroom panelling ideas, mirrored panels will need a little more cleaning to keep them fresh.

The reward is without doubt worth it though for a panelling idea that not only adds character but opens up and brightens up your cloakroom.

Credit: B&M

Wallpaper panelling

The right wallpaper in your cloakroom can really bring a small space to life.

What’s even better than that? Wallpaper cloakroom panelling.

The great thing about using wallpaper with your panelling is the versatility of it.

There are so many colours, patterns, shapes and even textures available, making wallpaper panelling one of the most customisable panelling ideas.

It’s easy to change too, so if you fancy a switch up or you’ve seen a new design you like, simply remove the old wallpaper and put in the new one.

And like mirrored panelling, wallpaper panelling can turn a small space into a real conversation starter with bright bold colours and designs.

For a customisable and interchangeable cloakroom panelling idea, try wallpaper panelling.

Credit: MSD Panels

Custom panelling

Not for the faint hearted, why not try custom panelling for your cloakroom?

Your smaller space might just be the perfect opportunity to try your hand at something creative.

Get it right, and it could set off a ton of inspo for the rest of your home!

Custom panelling can be created with different materials including some already mentioned here like wood or glass.

Metal or even fabric can be used to create a look that’s truly unique to your home.

Custom panelling can be great for uniquely shaped spaces or walls where units, fixtures or fittings could prevent you from using a more generic panelling style.

As far as cloakroom panelling ideas go, it doesn’t get more creative than starting completely from scratch and creating your own design with your own chosen materials, textures, shapes and colours.


Try these cloakroom panelling ideas for yourself!

As cloakrooms are typically a smaller space, they make the perfect rooms to try something new and different.

As opposed to panelling your bedroom for example, cloakrooms make the perfect rooms to get stuck in for the first time panelling in your home.

Make your cloakroom a real conversation starter with these cloakroom panelling ideas.

  • Beadboard panelling for a classic, stylish look
  • Shiplap panelling for a more rustic feel
  • Geometric panelling for a modern, chic idea
  • Mirrored panelling for a classy, elegant take
  • Wallpaper panelling for an expressive style
  • Custom panelling for something truly unique