Hallway panelling ideas for any home

Stuck for hallway panelling ideas? Beautiful hallway panelling really sets the tone as you enter your home, and with these ideas you’re sure to wow your guests.

However, choosing the right panelling ideas can be tricky.

Vertical or horizontal? Classic or contemporary? Clean and minimalist or rustic and charming?

Here, we’ve got 10 hallway panelling ideas that are all you need to spark the right creative idea for your hallway.

10 hallway panelling ideas you’ll love

Here are 10 hallway panelling ideas for everyone, whatever your style!

MDF hallway panelling

MDF hallway panelling works wonders in just about any hallway and in any style of home.

In this instance, this MDF hallway panelling has been teamed with a more traditional style radiator and it goes beautifully well.

This style of panelling is easy to obtain and simple to install too.

There’s no shortage of installation tutorials on Insta if you’re looking for more inspiration!

Traditional hallway panelling

A timeless classic option that’s becoming more and more popular.

Traditional panelling like this is easy to install and versatile to decorate.

And you don’t have to only panel the bottom half like in the example above.

This style of hallway panelling can continue on the top of half too, housing pictures and lighting fixtures within each square for an art gallery style look.

This type of panelling works well in dark monochrome tones like the above or in light an airy hallways with light neutral colours.

It also looks great with a dark wood feel, particularly in period properties with dark wood skirting and doors.

Something a little different

Hallway panelling ideas can extend to suit something more functional like this stunning example.

A bench and some subtle storage sitting just off this sleek panelling style adds both style and substance to any hallway.

Tongue and groove panelling would also work brilliantly in the style above to add something a bit more rustic.

Tall panelling

If you’re looking to elongate your space with hallway panelling, vertical tall panelling like this can really help.

It might go without saying to say this style of panelling works wonders in hallways with a little more headroom.

The shelf at the top creates a beautiful space for artwork and decoration, while the height of the panelling allows for handy coat hooks to be installed.

An added benefit to adding substance to your hallway panelling like this is that it can save space elsewhere by removing the need for extra storage.

Tongue and groove panelling

A beautiful, rustic style, this type of panelling could be just right for your home.

Again, this style is beautifully forgiving when it comes to adding more useful features such as coat hooks, benches and storage, for example.

This type of panelling can stop half way, run the entire length of your wall or sit somewhere in between, making it ideal for hallways of any height.

It also works brilliantly for narrow hallways and is often also used in dining rooms, helping protect the walls from scuffs and scrapes.

Try this style of panelling if you have a door from your hallway leading to a bathroom or downstairs cloakroom, as these rooms also lend themselves well to tongue and groove panelling.

Under stairs panelling

Many homeowners with open storage beneath their stairs are left scratching their heads at how to make the most of this unique space in their home.

Adding panelling like in this example could be just what you need to kickstart a brilliant idea for how to make the most of it.

The angle of your stairs could make this tricky to tackle without the right equipment, however many DIY stores will cut your panels to the shape and size you need, which could be an option with careful planning.

Many panelling styles work well here, so see what carries through best from the rest of your hallway.

Acoustic panelling

For a modern and contemporary home, acoustic panelling like this could work brilliantly.

Panels like this can be bought from independent retailers or home and DIY stores in varying sizes and often need to be cut to size to fit vertically.

Once you have the right height however, there isn’t a lot more cutting to do, which makes this style of hallway panelling relatively simple to install.

You could run the panelling along the length of your hallway, but like in the example above, it’s best used to cover your hallway part way.

In this example, a mirror overlaps beautifully and subtle lighting and modern furniture really sets off this hallway.

Monochrome panelling

Another simple yet modern look is this monochrome hallway example.

Traditional panelling in this dark colour is teamed wonderfully with white woodwork and monochrome striped carpet for a clean and consistent feel.

With this style, consider the size of your hallway and the height and colour of your panelling.

Tall, dark panelling in a small hallway may make it feel cramped, even with good light and other lighter features present.

To get the right balance, consider the 60:30:10 rule, with your lightest colour taking up 60% of the space, the darker colour 30%, leaving the 10% for something in between or even a nice accent colour such as a dark green or gold for something a little different.

Green and natural panelling

For homes with a botanical and natural theme, this style could be the perfect entrance to your home.

Green panelling, such as in this example, can be used to compliment indoor house plants and eucalyptus-based features.

The colour green is said to invoke feelings of peace, rest and security and is thought to support feelings of abundance, positivity and joy.

And with all the positive mental well-being effects of indoor plants and greenery, what could help make a better first impression in your home?

Cosy and autumnal

And finally, last but not least, make your guests feel warm, comforted and cosy with this cosy and autumnal hallway panelling idea.

Try tall tongue and groove panelling with coat hooks for your autumnal decor.

Add some low level lighting with candles or even lighting fixtures attached to your panelling too.

Panelling with added shelf space at the top, such as with this example, helps provide a bit more space for autumnal decor too.


Found an idea you like? Each of these hallway panelling ideas are flexible and can be combined with each other to make for the perfect solution for any hallway.

When panelling your hallway, consider these factors:

  • Size: Do you want to make your hallway feel taller, wider or longer?
  • Light: How much natural light do you get? Hallways can sometimes struggle for light, with the right hallway panelling this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Usage: Is your hallway narrow and high traffic? More rugged and rustic hallway panelling ideas could be your answer.

These are just a few considerations, but be bold, be brave and don’t be afraid to try any of these hallway panelling ideas!