Nursery Panelling Ideas: Transforming your baby’s haven

The right nursery panelling ideas can add warmth, character and style to your nursery, creating the perfect space for you and your little one.

However, finding the time and energy to dedicate to finding the right ideas, before you’ve even begun decorating, is tricky.

Whether you’re preparing your nursery for your little bundle of joy to arrive, or re-styling it now they’re here, here we’re aiming to give you a helping hand with some nursery panelling inspo.

So, take a look at these 6 nursery panelling ideas and we’re sure you’ll find something absolutely perfect for you and your little one!

6 nursery panelling ideas for every style

These nursery panelling ideas offer a range of themed ideas, each using different colours and materials for truly unique inspiration.

From my experience decorating my daughter’s nursery, we spent so much time switching from different ideas, colours, even DIY stores before finding our ideal combination.

Now our daughter’s nursery is our favourite room in the house, but we wish we’d stumbled upon the perfect ideas sooner!

Hopefully these nursery panelling ideas can do this for you!

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Classic, traditional and timeless nursery panelling

This style of panelling might be more popular than ever, and for good reason!

It’s a classic and it’s also timeless. You’re unlikely to be changing from this style any time soon.

Go for a classic wainscoting style with a chair rail in soft pastel hues such as serene blues, blush pinks or mint greens.

A matt painted finish combined with mid-level lighting with this style of nursery panelling will be universally loved and for a long time too.

Perfect if you plan on decorating once before leaving the paint brushes in a locked cupboard for years to come!

Consider the style of furniture and fittings in your child’s nursery too.

Classic and detailed furniture suits wainscoting perfectly, although it is more versatile a type of panelling than you might think.

It’s particularly great in your dining room too if you’re looking for some extra inspo for the rest of your home!

  • Timeless, can be enjoyed for years without the need to decorate again
  • Works well with a matt finish and subtle, mid-level lighting
  • Suits equally classic and detailed nursery furniture
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Rustic and natural nursery panelling

Maybe it’s a little ambitious to expect a newly decorated nursery, with its clean lines and fresh paint, to stay looking so clean and perfect over time.

So, instead, why not opt for a more rustic, natural look?

Reclaimed wood panelling helps create a cosy, charming, rustic feel and could be the perfect nursery panelling idea for you.

Try a shiplap or barn wood panelling style for a sense of comfort and warmth in your nursery.

I’ve mentioned the idea of using shiplap panelling in your cloakroom for a nautical theme, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t use this style in your nursery too.

The natural colours and textures of the wood help create the perfect, imperfect look.

Compliment your natural style of nursery panelling with earthy and natural tones and colours.

Classic and popular Farrow and Ball tones would work well with this style, with the chalkiness complimenting the rustic look well.

  • For the perfect imperfect nursery panelling style, try reclaimed wood in shiplap or barn wood panelling
  • Works well with natural, earthy colours and tones
Credit: MyFirstNursery


For a touch of minimalism, clean lines, something sleek and modern, try a Scandinavian theme in your child’s nursery with clean-lined panelling.

Light neutral or monochrome colours work really well with this style, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

This style of panelling is the perfect backdrop for a splash of colour of your choice, helping accentuate any fittings and accessories.

It could be a playful rug, whimsical artwork or vibrant toys, this style is the perfect, clean look to bring your ideas to life.

As your little one grows and begins to develop their own personality and preferences, adapting the style of their nursery with a Scandinavian theme like this is easy.

Simply keep the simple, clean backdrop this kind of nursery panelling provides and switch out your accessories, change cushions, bedding, add some artwork for the perfect nursery.

This style of panelling works really well throughout the house and makes the perfect bedroom panelling too.

  • The perfect modern, clean, bright and airy look for your child’s nursery
  • The perfect backdrop for your accessories
Credit: Project Nursery

Whimsical wonderland

Now for something truly imaginative, try this nursery panelling idea!

Wallpaper panelling is perfect for this style.

There are so many different wallpaper styles to choose from.

Shop around for a fun, detailed wallpaper that really tells a story.

Think interesting patterns, dreamy clouds, fairytale forests or charming animals.

The panelled wall in your child’s nursery will be your focal point, and using such detailed and interesting wallpaper only draws the eye further.

As you add toys and accessories, this style only gets better.

There are so many options with this style of panelling, so let your mind run free.

Cloudy wallpaper panelling could be teamed with fluffy cloud light fittings and cloudy plush cushions, for example.

The possibilities are endless with scandi-simplicity, so let your mind run free and your creative juices flow!

  • Great for a creative mind and something different
  • Detailed and interesting with tons of possibilities

Credit: Pinterest

Modern geometric panelling

Fan of modern and contemporary styles? Geometric nursery panelling is the one for you.

Geometric panelling brings with it interesting shapes and angles for a modern and even futuristic feel.

Some house styles suit geometric panelling more than others.

If your house is full of modern and contemporary fixtures and fittings, cool and clean colours then this style would suit your home perfectly.

Draw out your ideal geometric panelling shapes before you get started, considering how the lines will fall alongside your child’s furniture.

Monochromatic colour themes work really well with geometric panelling, especially with a matt finish.

Modern chrome or dark fixtures and fittings can be used to round off your contemporary style nursery.

  • Perfect for a modern and contemporary home
  • Can even look futuristic depending on how you style
Credit: The Spruce

Nautical nursery panelling

Dream of the seaside? Or even live by the sea?

Opt for this beautiful nautical theme with Beadboard panelling.

Paint your seaside-retreat-themed nautical Beadboard panelling in a nice white or soft blue to bring the sea into your child’s nursery.

Bring this nursery style to life with marine-inspired accents such as anchors, seashells and ships.

Try some different accent colours like red, navy or green for a pop of colour and interest.

Complete your child’s nautical-themed nursery with sea-themed accessories and toys to complete the perfect nautical nursery haven.

  • Great for those who love the seaside or even live by it
  • Can be brought to life with beautiful sea-themed touches and accessories


Thankfully, there are a whole load of panelling ideas to suit the style of nursery you want to go for.

  • Classic and traditional panelling: Timeless and can be enjoyed for years
  • Rustic and natural panelling: Works well with natural and earthy tones
  • Scandinavian-style panelling: The perfect backdrop for your accessories
  • Whimsical wallpaper panelling: Detailed and interesting for the creative mind
  • Modern geometric panelling: Clean, sleek and even futuristic
  • Nautical-themed panelling: Bring the seaside into your home